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In the summer of 2011 I was bleeding internally in 3 places, had lost 25lbs of muscle mass, was suffering unbearable pain, and could barely leave my apartment. The doctors called it an “auto-immune disease” with no known cause and no known cure. That’s when I found myself at the heart of my nightmare. It’s when I decided to wake up. I was led to a spiritual quest that healed me in ways that I would have thought were only […]

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We all experience resistances in life.  Our spouse disappoints us, our job is a prison, and our friends bore us to death.  Resistance is the inner conflict between who we believe ourselves to be and our true potential.  We believe we are worthy of more, but the more never comes.  Resistance can spin out as writer’s block, mid-life crises, depression, trouble wearing too many hats, or just an overall lack of fulfillment.  On a deeper level, resistance becomes addiction, self-abuse, […]


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As I provide services for no charge, if you are so moved to help support me either as someone that I’ve worked with or as someone that has been led here to help, I graciously receive any monetary support using paypal. If you have any other forms of support that you feel inclined to share, please contact me using the form below. Thank you.